Energy Network Research Organization Network (ENRON)

Find, Eliminate, & Prevent Energy Blockchain Vulnerabilities

ENRON helps energy blockchain operators, utilities, and investors fend off bad actors and hackers. We are on your side!.


Your energy blockchain is vulnerable

81% of ICOs are scams. Are energy blockchains immune?

No! Not only are energy blockchains susceptible to classic blockhain vulnerabilities, they also have additional categories of more critical risks. These include physical infrastructure, grid reliability and resilience, and long standing regulatory complexities. ENRON is here to help you navigate the complex issues of blockchains in energy.

"Blockchains are like poker. If you don't know who the sucker at the table is... it's you." -Daniel Roesler

Vulnerabilities Include:

  • Token Fraud
  • Pump & Dump
  • Market Cornering
  • Market Manipulation
  • Price Arbitrage
  • Smart Contract Obfuscation
  • Smart Contract Loopholes
  • Smart Contract Bugs
  • Exploiting Immutability
  • Token Leaks
  • Weak encryption
  • Weak signatures
  • nonce reuse
  • Scalability
  • Insecure Oracles
  • Biased Sources of Truth
  • Counterfeit Energy Measurement
  • Physical Security
  • Asset disruption
  • Death Spiral
  • Rolling Blackouts
  • Energy Theft
  • Insecure clients
  • XSS Vulnerabilities
  • Insecure redirects
  • Phishing attacks
  • Spear Phishing
  • Man-in-the-Middle
  • Regulatory Risk
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Jurisdiction Issues
  • Free Riders

Our Fundraiser

Because our team are industry experts, we are opening our services upon completion of a fundraising target of 1,000 ETH. With these initial funds we will complete a business plan including staffing, further fundraising, and service delivery launches.

Our Services

Smart Contract Methodologies and Prevention (SCAMP)

Perform Impact Verification Of Transactions (PIVOT)

Physical Device Security (PhDs)

The team

Meet the people that made it all happen.
Daniel Roesler
Daniel Roesler

Daniel Roesler is an energy data infrastructure expert. He is the technical founder of a prominent utility energy data company, UtilityAPI, and is a key board member of the international OpenESPI standard, commonly called Green Button. He is also an expert in secure communications, maintaining multiple open-source TLS certificate issuance clients that contribute to a more secure Internet.

John Powers
John Powers

John Powers is an energy expert with more than 30 years of industry experience. He has led both consulting and technology firms in energy economics, engineering, and operations. He helped find proof of market manipulation schemes perpetrated by Enron and other bad actors after the Western Energy Crisis of 2000-2001, and testified before the California State Senate regarding these findings.

Patrick Sheehan
Patrick Sheehan

Patrick is the co-founder & CEO of Nanogrid, a company specializing in software for distributed energy devices. Prior to Nanogrid, Patrick developed electricity rate analysis software at Genability and designed machine learning algorithms at Apple. Patrick has dual degrees in Computer Science and Environmental Engineering.

Daniel Enking
Daniel Enking

Daniel has spent the last five years selling and executing energy contracts in the natural gas, solar and energy efficiency sectors in California. Prior to that, he worked in Beijing as an economic research analyst for a number of governmental and non-profit research organizations. Majoring in economics, his senior thesis at Tufts University focused on case studies of electricity market deregulation in various world markets.

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